The word “Bitcoin” has generated a lot of interest today. The minute the word Bitcoin is heard, all attention is attracted towards it. Why so and What exactly is bitcoin will be discussed in this article. First of all to start with, Bitcoin as can be guessed from the word itself is a type of crypto currency. It is not controlled by a single administrator or Central bank and so is decentralized. That’s not all. This bitcoin can be sent from one user to another without the help of an intermediary.

This may sound very interesting. So to get a little facts about Bitcoin, it is a digital currency which was created around 2009 to facilitate instant payments. It is a sort of an IOU (I owe you). These Bitcoins are not printed and so are held only electronically. They are produced by computers using software.

The history of Bitcoin dates back to the year 2008, when a software developer by the pseudonym name Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin as a form of electronic payment based on mathematical proof. Actually there is no idea till today as to who this person actually is. But whoever he is has caused a revolution in the digital trading world with his invention of Bitcoin. Today though, it is maintained by a group of volunteer coders with an open network of dedicated computers all around the world.

To understand the concept of Bitcoin a bit more, it is good to discuss some of its features:


This means that there is no single institution that controls the bitcoin network. So this is especially attractive to those people who do not like the interference of the Bank or governmental institutions over their money spending. In this case, some might wonder if there is a danger of double spending. That problem is eliminated as Bitcoin uses an ingenious combination of cryptography. This prevents it from being copied and reused


Since an intermediary such as a Bank is not involved, there is no need of identifying the sender or receiver. This is because the protocol checks the background information such as the number of bitcoins available and the details about the previous transactions. The network is very transparent and so all transactions can be reviewed. So a good benefit of this is that money launderers and criminals will not get involved in this.


The Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed or modified if more than an hour has passed after the transaction is recorded

These are some of the outstanding or salient features of Bitcoin. So if reading about these has piqued your interest, then no doubt the next immediate question that arises is,


The answer is very simple. Bitcoin can be purchased from exchanges or directly from other people. In exchange, it can be paid for by cash, credit or debit cards. The procedure to buy bitcoin can be explained in the following steps


This is an online wallet where you have to store your bitcoin. The online wallet can either be on an exchange platform, a desktop wallet, a mobile wallet or an offline one. Since each has its own pros and cons, it is better to decide which one actually best suits your needs and select accordingly. Whatever you end up choosing, the important thing is to always remember the password and the keys that is a string of characters. Both are important as you will lose the bitcoins if you lose the password and keys.

Account opening

There are many crypto currency exchanges which are available today. Some are just starting whereas others are on the verge of a closedown. Some others offer more liquidity, security and so on. So based on your geographical area, it is best to do some background research on the exchanges before deciding to select one. To name a few, Bitfinex is the largest bitcoin exchange in the world today. Then there is the Coinbase, Bitstamp and Poloniex. Most of these exchanges accept payment in terms of credit, debit cards and other bank transfers. So they may require identification proof documents such as ID or address proof for account opening. Once the initial account process is completed and the exchange receives the payment, the exact bitcoins will be deposited in your wallet. This may take just a few minutes and more depending upon the internet connectivity. There is the option to buy bitcoins by cash method also. LocalBitcoins is a platform which shows individuals who exchange bitcoins for cash. Then there is LibertyX which has a list of retail outlets in the United States. Also, WallofCoins, Bitquick and Paxful have a list of banks wherein you can make cash deposits and d receive the bitcoins. Another way is the Coinatmradar. This operates like a normal bank ATM. The cash is fed into the ATM and your wallet’s QR code is scanned and the corresponding value of bitcoins are transferred to your wallet.


To put in rather plainly, if you do not want to miss out on making some quick bucks, then definitely bitcoin trading is for you. Another solid reason is that many businesses today recognize Bitcoin as a valid currency. This has made the price of Bitcoin go higher and higher. For instance, the rates of Bitcoin from 2017 onward can be compared. The facts state that the recent growth and the stability of the Bitcoin have increased its popularity. Now during this article, the topic of Bitcoin Billionaire comes up.

Beginner Guide to Bitcoin Robots 2020

Bitcoin trading bot is a software that was created to analyze the cryptocurrency market trading data. This bot can place buy or sell orders on our behalf based on the analysis of the market trend. The trading bots make their opinions based on the market price fluctuation and perform according to the pre-set rules. Usually, a bot will analyze the market actions like price, volume and time and then work accordingly. The bots can be pre-defined and set according to your preferences and trading style. Trading bots have become very popular in financial markets. However, not all traders can afford a bot as it is very costly to buy. As there are a lot of people trading in Bitcoin and they are unable to dedicate much time to go through the market, which is when the bot came into existence which helps users to have more efficient trading without spending much time on the market. Some of the crypto trading bots are

  1. Crypto hopper
  2. 3Commas

Various types of commercial Trading methods are :

The cryptocurrency trading venture is somewhat slightly immature in comparison with the other business or commercial industry. Although the cryptocurrency market has had less time to incorporate algorithmic trading, the technology has been fast in catching up on its rivals in terms of providing a trading bot service, which allows the traders to access to a wide range of investing strategies.  Some of the most popular strategies are as follows:

  1. Arbitrage: In the earlier days, one of the most famous strategies used by investors to make profits was arbitrage, which is buying assets from one market and then selling them in another market for a higher price, thus making a profit on the difference. There used to be enormous variations in the cost of cryptocurrency which is offered in different deals, giving the idea that the income could be earned through the trading business. Even though the variation in the cost is relatively less at present, they will give the feeling that the business venture in trading can assist investors to make the best usage of the variations. Arbitrage can also be used by investors who are looking to involve futures contracts as a trading strategy by gaining from any difference that is there between its underlying asset and a futures contract, by bearing in mind futures contracts that are traded on different exchanges.


  1. Market trading: The trading business that is done by the investors, will give an opportunity to the investors to utilize the demand and needs of the market while engaging in the trading business. This strategy provides for constant buy and sells prices on a range of spot digital currencies and digital currency derivatives contracts in an attempt to arrest the stretch between buying and selling price. To use the market making strategy, it involves both buys and sells limit orders near the existing market place. As the prices in the market fluctuate, the trading bot automatically and constantly places limit orders to profit from the difference. Due to the strong competition around this strategy, it can also result in loss, particularly in low liquidity environments.

How does Bitcoin trading bot work?

The Bitcoin trading bots work according to the reactions of the financial markets. It collects all the data to achieve good results in the trading business, the investor needs to do the survey and investigate the economy of the market while trading on Bitcoin setting. However, the trading platform gives us only half of the story. There are a lot of other external factors that also affect the trade which cannot be installed in trading bots for analysis.

What are the key features of Bitcoin trading bots?

Real-time detections

Trading bots have a lot of techniques like:

  1. Browser fingerprinting
  2. User behavior analysis
  3. High request rate
  4. Workflow validation
  5. HTTP anomaly detection

The above techniques help to detect traffic from unknown bots.

 Advanced management actions:

 You have the option to use a wide range of actions to your bot traffic.

 You can slow your bots down.

  1. You can give alternate content.
  2. You can deliver to alternate origins
  3. You can serve cached content

Your actions can be further reprogrammed based on the time of the day or URL.

 Mobile protection:

You can protect your mobile apps from threats such as credential stuffing. Companies can put together trading detection skills by making use of the latest mobile apps and also by making use of the SDK Bot Managers. 

Customize to your business 

You can build your own customized trading brands that can fully organize the trading ventures,  that you are already aware of and to appoint numerous or several procedures to many new categories of trading platform that is established on the consequences of the business enterprise to attain the needed impact. 

Bot-centric reporting and analysis 

You can relate to implying to get access to the filters from several countries. There were nearly 12 various quantities to speed up and get into several different regions that include the trading platform that is used while trading and analyses certain specific categories than the classified incidents to understand how diverse the bots will respond to these latest websites. 

What are the reasons to consider using a trading bot? 

There are five reasons you should consider using a trading bot: 

  1. Trading bots have a proven track record. 70% – 75% of the trades in the New York stock exchange is done by trading bots. Trading bots have proved to be much better traders than people are.
  2. Trading bots are complete workaholics. They can work all day, all night without any rest, unlike humans.
  3. Trading bots do not have any emotions.
  4. Trading bots work according to you. The bot does not work until you program it or set it up. The trading bot will work exactly as you depends on how you tweak and adjust it.
  5. Trading bots are easy to use. It is easy to set up a trading bot and start using it. You have social media like YouTube, Facebook which explain how to use the trading Bot.


Do trading bots give Crypto investors income options?

Yes, trading bots do give income options to investors. You can set up your trading bots according to your trading style and it helps do all the trading for you. You can leverage your trading bots to make an income for you. The trading bot works 24/7 looking for income opportunities. It is always awake, unlike humans. Any risk you take to yield the revenue has the possibility of losing the money, at times. So it is better you should trust the bot based on its verifiable transaction history.

Be practical about the returns

It is easy to be moved away with the ambition of making quick money in the economic trading field using trading bots. The kind of rally that was seen in 2017 was amazing. But the current reality is that the kind of returns that many people saw in 2017 using commercial dealing, won’t be deceiving. The simple funda is if you want to reap returns, you will have to take a risk. The bigger risks you take, the bigger will be your profit, but you also have the potential of losing. There are low-risk factors or techniques which yield income for you.

Is Bitcoin legal?

When bitcoin was initially introduced, it was the world’s primary digital and decentralized money which was not under the control of anyone. There are certain countries in which Bitcoin is banned and certain countries where bitcoin is legal, you need to examine and check with the advisors in the area where you live. Some of the countries even advise people not to invest in bitcoins and make trading. You will definitely need to be safe while you deal with money. Anyone can go for digital currency trading. The counties where Bitcoin is legal can make use of making the payments by using Bitcoins. 

From one state to another the legal status of bitcoin will differ. I’m most of the countries the bitcoin platform is not legal, at the same time there are several other countries that do not have any issue to use the Bitcoin while trading. There are also several departments, government agencies, courts that have categorized bitcoin as completely different. It would be advisable to check the status of one’s country before trading using the Bitcoin currencies to keep safe and secure. The website contains all the information and the list of those countries where the use of Bitcoin is legal or not.

How do we rank?

The Cryptocurrency has electronic cash. There are cryptographic protocols involved in the process. It has the concept of Blockchain which can greatly boost the infrastructure. The cryptocurrencies have not set the specific rules about the centralized exchanges. There are cryptocurrency regulations that have an impact on the expansion of the system. The cryptocurrencies have the ability to stock and earn a profit, trading using the cryptocurrencies mainly by using the Bitcoin is profitable. The investment outlet like the loophole using Bitcoin gives you the best results in trading experience at different levels. There are also other trading systems.

The cryptocurrencies have no centralized exchanges. Trading using the cryptocurrency is not illegal. Some countries do not recommend the use of cryptocurrencies. But currently, the dilemma has differed drastically. The new coins will be injected into the cryptocurrency transactions. One can earn money by making use of the Cryptocurrency. Apart from these, there are also apps and games to perform several tasks. By making use of the currencies one can do the trading and earn wealth. The cryptocurrencies are used in several transactions. You can buy at a lower price and sell it for a high price.

While it involves dealing with the cryptocurrency trading platform, the focus is to maintain the investors from being deceived with various misleading information while trading online. One has to have a secure platform. We make sure that you get credible and fair information which can help you to make the right decisions. The ranking techniques which are very strict will provide relevant information on various topics like

Ranking Methodology

Exposing Scam

Collecting Relevant Data

In order to collect the relevant data, the traders and beta testers along with their team gather all the relevant information about the origins, the process of operation, relevant information and warnings about the frauds.

Ranking Methodology

All the aspects are not disclosed in order to prevent dishonest business traders from mishandling the platform. Certain things need to be considered.

Financial activity – while the user a deposit the amounts in their account they want it to be safe, reliable and secure. When the money is being withdrawn it has to be quick and within the time limit that is by five working days.

Secure:  you need to be sure that the platforms are protected through several means of protection, like the issuing of certificates, Anti-money laundering, the use of KYC, etc.

Minimum Deposit: As per the standard industry system, the investigation will be made to ascertain so as to verify if it is genuine or a hoax.

Customer Support: If one has to find success in the trading industry, it is customer support. The team should be ever ready and willing to help and assist the receptive and conscious users.

Investment Opportunities: There should be better investment opportunities for vendors to do business without much disturbance and boundaries.

 Popular Opinion: The opinions, consideration, and feedback of others are highly valuable. It shows the opinions of others as a better choice of indication as they had gained a better or profitable experience while making use of the system or if it’s a scam. 

How to expose the scam

Each month several platforms are disclosed which offer great outcomes and provide excellent alternatives while trading with cryptocurrencies and various assets. There are certain platforms that are a hoax, one needs to be careful as such platforms betray or deceive the traders. To get familiarized with how the trading software is actually functioning, learn about the trading methods.  Check if they use the accurate data by which you will be able to evaluate the accuracy of the platforms that are being used to know if they are genuine or scam. 

While carrying out the investment outcomes the user should be satisfied. All the hoax platforms will surely be exposed. Trading involves certain risks. Try your best and spent the time doing research on how to make profitable trading. Make sure that you have selected the right kind of platform where you can choose to make a profit without falling prey to the scammers. Report the scams so that the traders and users are kept alert and are given a measure of safety. 

Evaluate the Promotions

To open an account on any of the platforms, promotions can be attractive. The promotions that are offered by the team members can be truly actual or just to create some false intentions of expectations. If the terms and conditions for the participants are not clearly mentioned, it means that it is not the right platform or just not authentic.

To analyze the risks involved in trading, the investment method of auto trading can help in carrying out the programs that are powerful. The human decision can be rash and at times they may become emotional, but when it comes to robots, they overcome the emotions. It is possible to achieve a high level of competition, and a profitable business by using auto trading robots. Certain robots can be a hoax. So, have a look and study well about the active robots that are profitable and provide a measure of security.

The top 10 Crypto Bots are as follows

  1. Crypto Group
  2. Bitcoin Future
  3. Bitcoin Billionaire
  4. Bitcoin Evolution
  5. Libra Method
  6. Bitcoin Circuit
  7. Bitcoin System
  8. Bitcoin Profit
  9. Bitcoin Loophole
  10. Profit Revolution

We strive to keep the investors under safe platforms and give them the opportunity to trade online by offering them, safe partners. The features of these Crypto Bots include safe investment, withdrawals can be done at a fast rate, innovative or creative software. It is user friendly, highly trusted and approved by the experts. One of the greatest fear is that the cryptocurrencies will be replaced with the FIAT technique. The use of cryptocurrencies has its own benefits like it is secure and less prone to risks. These days the banks have approved progressive financial transactions and strategies that will not be replaced with FIAT currencies.

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