The main aim is to keep the traders from false information that fills the policy and exchanges that provide the skill to trade online. It is very important to have a safe partner when it comes to Bitcoin trading. The crypto trading bots have always strived to offer us with truthful and balanced information and are very open with the readers. All this is being done so that you can make an informed decision. For this reason, they have introduced a firm ranking system which includes the following stages:

  • How data is being collected
  • The Methodology of Ranking
  • Scams being exposed

Each stage is being explained below in detail.

How Data is being collected?

Data is being collected by our team of traders beta-testers both manually and also with web tools from a lot of platforms every day. They collect data about all the available information about origins, user-generated information, and operational processes. They also collect information about complaints and alerts about scams.  

The Methodology of ranking:

All the fundamentals they evaluate to rank a system are not disclosed as they want to prevent manipulation on part of the false trading providers. Some of the main points they consider for ranking are Security check, financial operations, Customer support team, the minimum amount for deposit, investment opportunities, and popular opinion. Each stage is being explained below:


  1. Security check: The system should be well protected through certificates and various levels of user-protection, which includes KYC and Anti-Money Laundering policies.
  2. Financial Operations: The most important point is that the traders should have a choice for the methods they can use to deposit funds into their accounts. The method should be safe, trustworthy and legit. Another important thing is that withdrawals should be fast, without any hassles and it should happen within a period of 5 business days at the maximum.
  3. Customer support team: In a trading platform, it is always safe and sound to have a customer support team so that if the investor faces any issues they can contact the customer support team for any kind of assistance or support to get a solution. The customer support team should be trained in such a way that they are provided with adequate knowledge, they should be highly responsive and they should always be there to help or assist the investors with the best of their abilities.
  4. The Minimum amount for deposit: This is a well-known standard that is followed in the industry. If the system or platform avoids this, they will investigate further to check if this is a genuine platform or a scam.
  5. Investment opportunities: Good systems or platforms should provide a significant number of investment opportunities so that investors can trade freely without any problem and limitations.
  6. Popular Opinion: The above-mentioned content is a good indicator of whether investors have had a profitable experience with the system or it has turned out to be a scam. Feedback is highly valued by them and is taken under serious note.

Scams being exposed:

A lot of systems or platforms get released every month that offer amazing responses and results, and options to trade cryptocurrencies and assets. As we all know that, most of the platforms result in a scam but they try to deceive traders who are not suspecting before being exposed.

 The team resorts to well-known practices, they become secret clients just to check how the trading software is functioning. The data is being compared from the biggest exchanges to check if the trading system is using genuine data. This is one of the main points that can let us know if the platform is genuine or a scam.

Promotions that should be considered:

Promotions are one of the best ways to attract you into opening an account with a system or a platform. The team checks or examines the promotions that are offered to see if they are genuinely authentic or just scams for sign up. Promotions which offer false expectations or if they do not explain enough about the terms and conditions for signing up is a clear sign that something is wrong with the system or platform.

A short note to trading providers:

The operations need to be carried out by keeping the investors in mind whether it comes to a huge investment platform or a recently released one. The user’s matter in this situation.

They expect that a small number of developers will attempt and deceive aspiring investors and they have taken it upon themselves to moderate system behavior in that department. They will expose any and every scam system and platform.

A short note to Traders:

You should always be relaxed and keep a cool head. The idea of trading online is a profitable endeavor, but the markets are volatile and risky. To your advantage, you should always do your research before you go in for the big profits. You should always ensure that you are choosing the right platform or system that will make the difference between earning and losing your money to a scam.

You can always raise your concerns and report a scam on a scam platform so that it can be investigated and you and your fellow traders can be in safe hands from such scams.


The above mentioned are the steps that should be considered before ranking a system or a platform so that the investors are not affected by any scam. This will help the investors get some confidence to do trading online. The above stages should be carried out properly so that the investors are not affected by trading online or by any scam. Each platform should be having a proper customer support system so that if the investors face any issue, they can get in touch with the customer support team to solve their issues or get solutions from them. This is how the ranking system is being done for the top crypto trading bots.  

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